Techie Tribe


The Techie Tribe are my friends. They're people that I'm likely to refer to in my blog so I thought you might like to know a bit about them...

Mr T

The boss (a.k.a. Papa Bear). Science teacher by day and theatre technician the rest of the time, Mr T is strict and he's weird.  But then, aren't we all.


Mrs Dean

My landlady & volunteer typist.  Mrs Dean is a busy woman, she cooks, she cleans, she picks up after untidy bears and, from what I can tell, she runs on high octane tea.  What's more her marmalade sandwiches are to die for!


Mr Wells

The Headmaster.  Mr Wells is a great patron of the arts. He takes a great interest in our theatre and tries to attend as many of the performances as he can, but he's a very busy man so he can't always attend as many as he'd like.


Boo Boo

My friend Boo Boo is very close to my heart. He's a little bit clumsy and he's extremely shy but he's my best friend and I always have time for him.


Techie Ted Trainees (T3ís)

My trainee techies.  They're learning all about the technical side of theatre. Their names have been changed to protect the innocent, but they know who they are. They help me out a lot (most of the time).