The Gurus

From time to time I do some freelance work for a number of professional companies. I call it freelance because I don't  get paid. The guys I work with know a lot about a ton of stuff so I call them my gurus.

Dynamic Production Solutions (DPS) You can find their web site here

Robert (Partner at DPS)

The driving force of DPS, Robert is an expert in everything including being an expert. Always patient with customers he's always willing to help with even the strangest of queries.


Adam (Partner at DPS)

A funny guy who has novel uses for a Land Rover. Expert in all things sound related, there is no speaker too big or loud enough to meet his needs.  He especially likes sitting on top of the Meyer 700HP (dual 18" sub 2250W 139dB).  They're as loud as a jet engine on take-off and they give some really good vibrations (The Beach Boys eat your heart out).




Tom (The Current Intern at DPS)

After getting over the initial shock of learning what real work is like he's started learning as much as I have from the experts at DPS. 


Sam (The Original Intern at DPS)

Sam has an encyclopaedic knowledge of Wikipedia. Our original intern showed us just how helpful an intern can be.  Before he left he was the intelligence behind DPS, so God help us now he's gone.