JKS Here I come


I got back from my holidays to find a parcel on my doorstep. Mr T had sent me details of my work schedule, as well as a spiffy new uniform and directions to the school from the train station.  Now you may think that was very helpful of him and I suppose that you'd be right but I needed more information. I'm sorry to say that where geography is concerned, I'm a bear of very little brain. I've never been able to get the hang of it so making my way to Sturry was going to be a challenge. Not knowing where Sturry was in relation to me being the main problem. So I did what any self respecting ignorant bear would do under the circumstances, I googled it.  The, having established that Sturry is in Kent, I caught a train.

Mr T met me at the station and took me to my new home. My landlady's really nice, though I suppose I have to say that as she's offered to type up my blog for me. I've been finding it rather difficult, what with not having any fingers. I tried using the blunt end of a pencil but it took forever just to type a single sentence so having Mrs Dean type things up is going to make life much easier.

You wouldn't believe the amount of paperwork I've had to fill out for this job! There's health and safety forms, finance forms, even a hot beverage requisition form!  I was a little worried about my enhanced CRB check, but the certificate arrived and it looks like I'm trustworthy after all.

Mr T asked if I would go in to school to have my photo taken for my file on photo day. The photographer was really nice, she let me keep my hat on which is just as well because I forgot to take a comb. I think the photo turned out all right.