PLASA 2013


We left for Plasa at about 8am.  I hate early starts, especially on a Sunday but at least I could snooze in the car.   I travelled up to the Excel exhibition centre with Mr T and my gurus at DPS for this year’s PLASA show. It was going to be fun.

Mr T told me that we were going to be looking at lighting desks for the Barn because we need a new one that does more than the one we’ve already got.  Over the autumn half term the guys at Kave Theatrical Services are going to be putting in a new lighting grid with some new LED lights and our current desk was not able to control them. 

When we got there the show had not started so we sat outside chatting about what stands to go to first.  When we ere finally let in (and they got their id scanners working) I realised that I had forgotten how many bright shiny toys they had on show and I got stuck in.

SSE Audio Group  - We got chatting to the guys at SSE. They were great and allowed me to have a look at some  of their new sound desks. They even made Mr T a nice mug of coffee which he was kind enough to share with me. Thanks guys.



The next stop on our tour was with my old friends at the Harting Group stand. My former employers were very pleased to see me as you can see from the picture and we caught up on old times. We had a lot to talk about.


Then it was down to business.  One of the desks that Mr T had on his short list was made by Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC for short).  Tom and the other staff were very helpful. Between them they answered all of my questions. We reached the conclusion  that this desk is definitely bear friendly as it has paw sized buttons on the  touch screens.


We had a beverage stop at the Chauvet stand and the exhibitor there was kind enough to give me a beer Sprite. Very refreshing.



We also spent a long time with the team at AC lighting but Mr T was too busy talking to take my picture there as well.  never mind.


Here are a few other pictures we took along the way